Search tips

Boolean search

The boolean and range operators AND, TO, OR, NOT, EXCEPT, BUTNOT are used by default, if you want to use these words as part of the search phrase it needs to be preceeded by an underscore (e.g. _and).

See the Perceptive Enterprise Search website for more information on command based queries.

Standard search

The default option is the standard search form which provides a full text keyword search of the current version of legislation across the 4 most popular categories of legislation; "Acts", "Subordinate laws", "Disallowable instruments" and "Notifiable instruments".

Advanced search

If you don't find what you are looking for, the advanced search can be accessed from the "Advanced options" link in the right hand corner of the search form.

The advanced search allows the scope of your search to be refined by three different groups: legislation category, filter by Minister or by Directorate and legislation version.

Note - The Territory Plan is not searchable through the standard or advanced search. To search the Territory Plan you must search each document separately.