Workers Compensation Rules 1938—Form 28—Information to be supplied where a memorandum of agreement made before ascertainment of compensation for payment of a lump sum by way of compromise and satisfaction, or an agreement as to the redemption of a weekly payment by a lump sum, or as to the amount of compensation payable to a person under any legal disability, or to dependants, is presented for registration

Made under
Workers Compensation Rules 1938, r 89


  1. This form lapsed on the repeal of the Workers Compensation Rules 1938. However, the form generally continues to apply in relation to proceedings for injuries that happened before 1 July 2002 (see Workers Compensation Act 1951 s 234, s 235). For approved forms applying to other injuries, see the Workers Compensation Act 1951.

Repeal version

Effective Files/Formats Version Published
12 September 2001 - 1 July 2002 PDFPDFWord R1 19 August 2002