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Administration (Public Health) Delegation 2000

Made under
Administration Act 1989, s 5
Legislation Act 2001, s 254A


  1. A delegation in force under the Administration Act 1989 immediately before its repeal has effect after the repeal as if it were a delegation under the Legislation Act 2001, s 254A (Delegation by Minister) (see Legislation Act 2001, s 316).
  2. Repealed by Legislation (Public Health) Delegation 2015 (No 1) NI2015-232.

Instrument as notified

Date notified Effective Files/Formats Notes
7 September 2000 7 September 2000 - 19 May 2015 PDF PDF

Explanatory statement

Version Published Files/Formats
As presented 7 September 2000 PDF PDF