Occupational Health and Safety (Certification of Plant Users and Operators) Regulation 2000

Made under
Occupational Health and Safety Act 1989, s 229


  1. This regulation was repealed by the Work Safety Legislation Amendment Act 2009, s 4 (1). The repeal took effect when that Act commenced (see LA s 85 (2)).
    Despite its repeal, this regulation continues to apply to certain people doing scheduled work until 1 October 2014 under transitional arrangements by the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, pt 20.4.
  2. For infringement notice offences under this regulation see Magistrates Court (Occupational Health and Safety Infringement Notices) Regulation 2004.

Repeal version

Effective Files/Formats Version Published Notes
1 October 2009 HTMLPDFWord R9 1 October 2009

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