Australian Capital Territory National Land (National Memorials, Territory Divisions and Public Places) Ordinance 2022

In Force


  1. This Ordinance will be repealed on 1 April 2032 under the Legislation Act 2003 (Cwlth) s 50 (1).
  2. This Ordinance was unnumbered when it was registered on the Federal Register of Legislation.

Ordinance as notified


  1. Uncommenced repeal.
Date notified Effective Files/Formats Notes
1 April 2022 1 April 2022 HTMLPDFWord

This ordinance remained a Reserved Law for which the Commonwealth retained responsibility (see Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988 (Cwlth) s 34 (5))

Explanatory statement

Version Published Files/Formats
As presented 1 April 2022 HTMLPDFWord